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Parent/Guardian Notice: This is our formal announcement that Trinity Environmental Academy will close at the end of the 2018-19 school year and will not be open in 2019-2020. School will absolutely continue through our scheduled last day of Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019, and we are excited about scholars continued academic progress — plus the amazing environmental field experiences we have scheduled for this spring semester.  Please reference the TriEA Memo below more information including a our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Trinity Environmental Academy Notice & FAQ’s: TriEA Memo – TriEA Closure Letter to Parents – 1-29-2019, in Spanish Aviso Sobre Cierre de la Escuela Charter al Final del Año Escolar 2018-19

TEA’s Closure FAQ’s for Parents: TEA FAQ Charter School Closure

TEA’s Charter School Resources for Parents and Map of Charter School Locations

TEA’s list of Charter Campus Closures over the last 5 years

Visit TriEA’s YouTube Channel to keep up with all the latest!

TriEA Aftercare Handbook– Description of the program, along with parent and scholar expectations.

Our 2018-19 Parent Survey will open in April 2019. We’ll ask that you please take a few minutes and provide your scholar’s teachers and staff some feedback. Thank you for your feedback in previous years!

TriEA Carline Procedures – 18-19 Carline Map – Information regarding gate and building open/close times and carline traffic flow. We have 2 drop off/pick up locations this year, one for Primary, one for Secondary.

TriEA Visitor Procedure

In order to maintain a safe environment for scholars, staff and our community, Trinity Environmental Academy (TriEA) conducts criminal records screening on visitors and volunteers who have the potential for indirect or direct contact with our scholars.

All visitors will be in the presence of aTriEA employee at all times.

Everyone on the TriEA campus must have a visible badge of identification. Those that DO NOT have a Paul Quinn College badge or a Trinity Environmental Academy badge must be screened at the main office. All visitors must check in at the main office immediately upon entering any of the TriEA buildings.

All visitors must have a government issued form of identification (–e.g. driver’s license, passport) for screening purposes. Once scanned, the visitor will receive a visitor’s badge that must be worn on their shirt while on campus grounds.

If a person does not have a government issued form of identification, the visitor will not be permitted access to any part of the TriEA campus and must remain in the main office to conduct their business. Once the visitor completes their business, he/she will be escorted out of the building.

Scholar Safety is Our #1 Priority!

Parent Letter Regarding Raptor Screening

Summer Office Hours

May 28th – June 28th

Open Monday thru Friday


Clubs and extra-curricular activities are a way that teachers and passionate leaders from the community can connect with scholars on topics they enjoy. Examples are Cheerleading, Dance, Choir, Robotics, Chess, Decathlons, Theater, etc.

In 2018-19, once these volunteers commit to providing sponsorship for a club to meet at least once a week – we will post the club information/meeting times here.

Primary and Secondary Tutoring Schedule

These are set times in which a scholar can attend tutoring to make up an assignment, retake a test they failed, or attend a “teacher required” tutoring lesson. If tutoring is required by a teacher, they will send a letter home requiring a parent signature – and attendance is not optional for the scholar once agreed between parent and teacher.

Tuesday – Owl Academy After School – 4:00-5:00pm

Thursday – Owl Academy After School – 4:00-5:00pm

Other tutoring sessions will be specific to individual student needs or specialized sessions. These sessions will be communicated to scholars and parents in writing to take place on Mondays, Fridays, or Saturdays.

Permission Form of Scholars to Walk – For those scholars that live close to school and will be walking to or from school each day.

TriEA Parent & Volunteer Training Checklist – For those parents and volunteers that want to work with scholars, this is the training checklist.

Below is our Truancy Warning Notice for 2018-19. Please contact us at 972-920-6558 or e-mail at if you have questions. In short, any scholar absent for more than 10-days in a six month period is considered truant, making the parent subject to prosecution in Truancy Court for any absence that is considered unexcused.

Truancy Prevention LetterTruancy Prevention Letter 2

Attendance in 2018-19 – Truancy Policy: For all scholars enrolled in a K-12 school, attendance is required. Absences, either for part of the day or the full day, are recorded and reported to the State of Texas and become part of the scholars permanent record. Our staff and families know the importance of attending school and not missing out on instruction. TriEA will enforce the Truancy Laws if necessary. The parent of a scholar that is continuously tardy or absent will receive a verbal and written notice in order to change the behavior. Involving the Truancy Courts will be the last option should the absences continue.

For more information about our Truancy Policy, please call the office at 972-920-6558 or e-mail us at

Carline Cards for 2018-19: All parent vehicles require a carline card on the dashboard while on campus. This allows security to pass you through the front gate and allows the school to identify your scholar for you during afternoon pick up.

All cards (Pre-K-8th Grade) will be made available for pickup by August 9th. If not picked up, they will be distributed on the first day of school. If you don’t have one or need an extra one for another car, please visit the office and we will supply you with one.

TriEA Scholar Handbook – Outlines all of the procedures and expectations of parents and scholars this school year.

TriEA Code of Conduct 2018-19 – Specifically outlines the Board approved scholar Code of Conduct.

2018-2019 Dress Code Reminder – REVISED w Pic – A helpful two-page document for parents.

TriEA Anti-Bullying Policy – Board Approved – Outlines expectations of scholars, teachers, administrators, and parents with regards to bullying.

TriEA Volunteer Procedure

Any individual who would like to volunteer for a TriEA event must provide at least 5 business days prior to the event.

Volunteers must complete a volunteer application, provide a copy of a government issued form of identification and complete a Background Check form that will be screened by the Department of Public Safety. Once the results of the background check has been confirmed, the person will be able to volunteer on the TriEA campus. Volunteers must also wear a badge at all time while on the TriEA campus. All background checks are valid for the current school year.

Volunteers can be in the presence of scholars in a effort to accomplish a specific goal or task – reading to scholars, chaperoning on a field trip, etc. While the teachers and staff members will be present – a volunteers level of background check may allow them to be in the presence of scholars without direct supervision of an employee. This is different from a visitor who is escorted for a specific task under the direct supervision of a staff member.

Parents, legal guardians, grandparents or the immediate family of a scholar may participate in school-wide events without completing a background check or having to present a government issued ID.

Scholar Safety is Our #1 Priority!

Volunteer Opportunities

During the year, opportunities for parents and community members will be posted here. Since school just started – we are working on that list right now! Please feel free to contact us and let us know what talents you have that you can contribute to the school.

Lunch Menu Breakfast Menu May

April Lunch Menu April Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu_MarchLunch Menu_March

Lunch Menu _ FebruaryBreakfast Menu _ February

January Lunch Menu January Breakfast Menu

December Breakfast MenuDecember Lunch Menu


November Lunch MenuNovember Breakfast Menu


October Lunch Menu October Breakfast Menu


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 7.16.53 PMScreen Shot 2018-09-04 at 7.17.16 PM

August Breakfast Menu August Lunch Menu

IMG_1012Athletics in 2018-19:

Girls Volleyball

Boys Flag Football

Boys Basketball

Girl’s Basketball

Co-ed Golf

Adding New Programs in 2018-19:

Sports Club



School Times in 2018-19: School starts at 8:00am each day. The security gates open at 7:15am and close at 8:00am. School ends at 3:40pm for Primary and 4:00pm for Secondary on Mon/Tue and Thu/Fri. The security gates close by 4:30pm. Wednesdays are early release days where Primary ends at 2:15pm and Secondary at 2:30pm. If you have siblings in both, we will hold the Primary scholar until the secondary scholar is released. If you are interested in our Aftercare program, see below for more info.

Dress Code Pic

Dress Code: We ask that scholars wear any shade of green or blue polo. Pants only, no shorts or skirts, dark blue only. Black shoes (or black with white), either athletic or casual. Secondary and Primary should have a black belt and have their shirt tucked in. Scholarships to cover the costs are available, so just give us a call or e-mail!


School Breakfast and Lunch: We want to establish good eating habits by offering low-cost nutritious lunches to children during the school day. We provide a prepared breakfast and lunch meal each day. Breakfast is $2, lunch is $3.25. Parents can qualify for Free or Reduced meals by completing a National School Lunch Program form. E-mail us a if we’ve not already given you the form. Meals are not free until the form is completed and certified. Scholars may also bring a healthy sack lunch as well.

2018-19 TriEA Calendar for Parent Website
two boys, aged five and six years, share a secret as one whispers in the other's ear, isolated on white background

Parent Referral Program: For every scholar referral, we will offer a $25 Gift Card to the currently enrolled parent with prior notice. The new scholar just needs to enroll and show up for their first day! Help us make this one of the best schools in Oak Cliff by referring us to your peers, colleagues, and co-workers!



Aftercare Program: For parents who need an option to pick up a little later than our release time, we offer an aftercare program available until 6pm. The fee for aftercare is $35/week, paid in advance of the next week. If you have questions about the program and how to sign up, please e-mail the Aftercare Manager at


Academic Program: While TriEA appears to be a regular school, we are incorporating strategies from proven research that children learn best when they are outside the four walls of the classroom. While we are required to cover the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and take the STAAR exams just like every public school – we teach scholars the way they want to be taught and learn best. To do this, we are creating our own curriculum under the guidance of Dr. Gerald Lieberman, author of the book Education and the Environment.

2018-2019 Employee Contact List

Employee Contact List: Clicking the image above will give you a contact list of all the TriEA employees. Please remember that the first line of contact is the teacher. If there is a need to request additional information, please start with our School Director, Clarencia Wade.


The Mission of TriEA: Check out this video link. It’s a reflection of the type of learning that is happening at TriEA this school year.

Be out there image

All The Research Says – Nature Works: This document put out by the National Wildlife Federation is a great resource for parents who want to understand how using nature impacts a child – on a social, emotional, and academic level.