Admissions and Enrollment for 2018-19
Registration remains open for PreK4-4th and 6-8th Grade for 2018-19 only. We are not accepting registrations for 2019-20.

Important Things to Know               2018-19 Parent Calendar Link

1. TriEA will not be open in 2019-20. Registration is for 2018-19 only. TriEA is a tuition-free open-enrollment charter school without enrollment requirements for its scholars. When you complete and submit this registration form, we will communicate with you that your form has been received and let you know if we have an opening for the grade(s) you are requesting.

2. Our last lottery ran for all new scholars on March 15th, 2018. Within two-weeks of the lottery, we sent official notices that a scholar has a spot for next year and those will need to complete the rest of our school application. You are “enrolled” on your scholars first day of attendance. Our 2018-19 school year began Monday, August 13, 2018.. So, the whole process is in three easy steps – 1) you “register” for a spot with simple demographic information on the left, 2) you “apply” after being notified you’ve secured a spot then complete the full application and appropriate documents, and 3) you “enroll” when your child attends the first day of school.

3. In 2015/16 when we first opened, we accepted 48 scholars in Kinder, 48 scholars in 1st grade, and 84 scholars in 6th grade. Each year, as the scholars age up, we bring in new Pre-K/Kinder and 6th graders until we are a full Pre-K-12. We also back-fill other grade levels due to families moving in/out of the area. For 2018-19, we are accepting registrations for Pre-K4-4th, and 6-8th grade beginning January 15th, 2018. For 2019-20, we are not accepting any registrations.

4. Trinity Environmental Academy will accept students who reside in the following school districts as our Primary Geographic Boundaries (PGB): Dallas ISD, Desoto ISD, and Lancaster ISD. Secondary geographic boundaries would consist of the following districts: Garland, Cedar Hill, Seagoville, Desoto, Duncanville, Mesquite, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Irving, and Red Oak. TriEA will only go to it’s secondary boundary applicants if there is space available in any grade level.

5. Scholars with previous discipline records (a documented history of criminal offense, a juvenile court adjudication, or discipline problems under Subchapter A, Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code) will be reviewed by the admissions committee followed by review of the facts with the scholar and parent(s) or guardian. A vote of the committee will determine if the school can adequately support the scholar. We will serve every scholar that wants to attend keeping the best interests of the scholar in mind.

6. For 2018-19, the first day of school was August 13th. The last day of school will be May 22, 2019. Primary school is 8:00am-3:40pm each day. Secondary is 8:00am-4:00pm each day. School will release early on Wednesdays at 2:15pm for Primary and 2:30 for Secondary. The current school calendar is located under the “Parents” link at the top of this page. Next year’s calendar will be provided with all applications.

7. Our lottery deadline each year has been March 15th. Since we are not accepting students for 2019-20, we will not run a lottery.

8. The school’s address is 3837 Simpson Stuart Rd, Dallas, TX 75241. TriEA will be co-located on the Paul Quinn College (PQC) campus. This environmental charter school is a part of PQC’s master plan to develop the community and provide additional education opportunities for it’s south Dallas citizens. The charter school is a separate entity and is not governed by PQC. It is a public school run by independent leaders with years of K-12 charter school leadership experience.

9. If you are interested in having your scholar attend Trinity Environmental Academy in 2018-19, please fill out the registration form on this page and hit the submit button. Repeat for each child you want to attend. This registration from will put you in line to apply for the new school year. We will contact you within 48 hours of submittal to let you know we have received your registration.

10. TriEA’s Non-Discrimination Policy:  TriEA does not discriminate in admissions based on gender, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, academic, artistic or athletic ability, sexual orientation or gender identity, or the district the child would otherwise attend.

featured-imagesClick the leaf on the left to download our information flier to print, post or share with friends, interested families or colleagues. We do have a referral program for our parents – so please reach out to us if you know of a family that would like register or tour our school!